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The Meme Token on Cronos

Crox (The Crocodile Token) is the community powered meme token on cronos

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??? $
Market Capitalization


We rock the CRO Chain.

Crox is Token on's Cronos Chain, set to change the future of Crypto!
Crox is a Fair Launch Token, which you can only buy 0.5% off at once.

93% of the supply is going directly to liquidity.
5% is kept in the team wallet for future uses like giveaways and as a reserve for partnerships.
2% is given to early supporters of the project.

Fees in total are 9%:
5% to liquidity
3% are burned on the spot
1% to development and Marketing

  • Token Name The Crocodile Token
  • Ticker Symbol Crox
  • Launch Supply 1 Trillion
  • Current Supply ??? Billion
  • Launch Fair Launch
  • Blockchain's Cronos Chain


Community Focused

Fast Transactions

Token Burns



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Get our awesome landing page up and running


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Launch Crox right when Cronos launches


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Reach 1k Members in TG and 1k Followers on Twitter



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